Keynote lecture 3

Dr. Luis Esteva Maraboto

"Towards optimum seismic design criteria based on reliability and performance"

Professor Emeritus of the Institute of Engineering at the National University of Mexico, Dr. Luis Esteva has received numerous awards and honors. In recognition of his leadership in international earthquake engineering activities, Dr. Esteva was elected as President and Honorary Member of the International Association for Earthquake Engineering.

Dr. Esteva is one of the 170 foreign associate members of the US National Academy of Engineering. In Mexico, he has been recipient of the highest prizes bestowed by the Mexican Government (National Award on Sciences in the field of Design and Technology in 1981) and by UNAM (UNAM Award in 1993).

Dr. Esteva has received Doctor of Engineering degrees (honoris causa) from the Catholic University of Argentina and from the National University of Engineering of Peru. A visiting professor at MIT and Stanford University, Dr. Esteva has published over 300 papers and several chapters of books on structural design, reliability, earthquake engineering and seismic risk.

Aside from his academic contributions, Dr. Esteva has been consultant to several national and international engineering projects.

He is co-founder of the Mexican Society of Earthquake Engineering and was the bord chairman during the 1976-1980 period.