Keynote lecture 6

Dra. Sonia E Ruíz Gómez


She graduated as a Civil Engineer at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (at that time incorporated to UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), and obtained her Master and PhD degrees in Civil Engineering at UNAM. She worked for a year in the company Proyectos Marinos, S. C., doing analysis and design of “jacket” type steel offshore platforms. Later on, she spent a one-year academic stay at the University of Texas at Austin, doing some studies focused on the structural reliability of offshore structures supported on piles, using bayesian analysis. Upon her return to Mexico, she entered the National University of Mexico as a researcher at the Institute of Engineering-UNAM, and as a professor at the School of Engineering.

Her research activities have been oriented mainly in the following directions: 1) structural reliability assessment, 2) performance-based design of buildings and 3) passive control of structural seismic response. In 2016, she presented to the Technical Committee in charge of updating the Mexico City Seismic Design Code a document covering the following concepts: 1) recommendations for the seismic design of buildings with energy dissipating systems, 2) new design expressions for structural systems with viscous type supplementary damping, and 3) new expressions for design of buildings with asymmetric yielding. In addition, she acted as a member of the Technical Committee in charge of the Mexico City Code on Design Criteria and Loads

She made, with her team, a proposal for the optimal combination of live and dead load factors for structural design. She also made recommendations about new maximum values for the design loads for various types of edifications in Mexico City. She also participated in the technical revision of three chapters of the 2015 Handbook for the Design of Civil Works, for the Federal Commission of Electricity.

She belongs to the National System of Researchers in Mexico and to the Mexican Academy of Sciences, and was President of the Mexican Society of Earthquake Engineering. She was coordinator of the Commission for R&D and President of the Civil Engineering specialty of the Academy of Engineering. She was also Head of the Civil Engineering area of the Engineering Graduate Program of UNAM. She is a member of several Latin American editorial committees for several technical journals and of several national and international academic committees.

She has also served as a consultant for a number of well-known engineering firms in Mexico City. In addition, she has developed a fruitful long-term work as a trainer of engineers, researchers and research groups on Earthquake and Structural Engineering. She belongs to the PhD Committee of the Engineering Graduate Program of UNAM, and has directed 98 thesis, including undergraduate, Masters and PhD.

Four of her former students have received academic awards for “Best Ph. D. Thesis”: Two of them were awarded by the Institute of Engineering-UNAM and two by the Mexican Society of Earthquake Engineering. Her research production and academic performance has been recognized by several national prestigious institutions; for example, the research award “Nabor Carrillo Flores”, from the Professional Association of Civil Engineers of Mexico.